6 Seller Billing and Payment (1) ZALORA invoices can be sent by email, online, fax, mail or in person. They include ZALORA`s claims on the trader, the commission and, if applicable, the other fees covered in paragraph 4, paragraph 2. (2) ZALORA must send the seller, no more than the 10th of each month, a monthly statement of confirmed orders, according to which the seller has 20 days for the verification and counting of commissions. (3) ZALORA entrusts the Seller, within 45 days from the end of the month, with any agreement on the seller`s sales, less returns from valid customers, as well as any costs that ZALORA has incurred under the contract. 9 License (1) ZALORA has the right to freely keep the list of sellers and their ranking on the site. ZALORA offers customers the opportunity to provide reviews and evaluations of the seller`s products and services on the site, and it has the right, but not the obligation to publish them online and make them visible to all customers. ZALORA reserves the right to remove notices and notices. (2) ZALORA can scan, transcribe and publish online the offers, logos and other materials the distributor needs. The distributor grants ZALORA a free, unlimited and unlimited license for the use and distribution of materials made available to zaLORA for the purpose of promoting ZALORA`s service. These include the use in Google AdWords campaigns, domain name registrations and other online marketing and search engine optimization measures. 10 Terms and Termination (1) This contract applies as soon as the seller signs the contract or completes an order covered by ZALORA and remains valid for an indefinite period until termination by one of the parties.

The termination can be made at any time with one month`s notice, in writing, by email, by mail or by fax. Revenue generated during this notice remains subject to the partnership agreement. The right to terminate one of the parties immediately for an important reason is not affected. (2) The right of immediate termination applies in particular in the event that the seller repeatedly receives negative reviews and negative comments on the website and is clearly not unjustified. Repeated indication of misleading information or withholding of information necessary to present the seller`s articles is also grounds for immediate termination. Typos, errors and transmission errors are excluded, provided they are not caused intentionally or by gross negligence. So go to the first one and register as a dealer with us! Together, we can make Singapore`s shopping scene even more vibrant. 5 Customer online payment (1) In the case of electronic payment by the customer (by credit card.B.

by credit card, debit card or wireless online transfer), ZALORA deducts payment for the corresponding order on behalf of ZALORA on behalf of the Seller and pays it to the Seller in accordance with the billing agreement. 2. The seller will keep deliveries to customers for at least 13 months and make them available on request.