“Please note the following checks to change the assessment class:1. Make sure there are no stocks in the previous period and period. In attached note 30656, you`ll find an example of how null actions allow you to change the error message for an alert message before using the change described in the source code. However, you should at least use version 4.0B with Hot Package 20 or you must have page 2 greetings – Darrell Fite via sap-r3-log-mm wrote:> Putting Supply-Chain Shelfware to Work You > Finally> Read Paper:> sap.ITtoolbox.com/r/hdr.asp?r=12820> > – View group archives:> sap.ITtoolbox.com/hrd.asp?i=920> > > I have a request to change the evaluation class to a> raw material material> to semi-material. But the system will not get me there> this. I`m positive that I >`m not the only one who fell into this situation> how did you resolve it >> > Thanks in advance.> > > `Archives:> www.OpenITx.com/g/sap-r3-log-mm.asp> -Manage Subscriptions: My.ITtoolbox.com> `Leave Group: mailto:leave-sap-r3-log-mm@openitx.com> `Need Subscription Help?> mailto:Listmaster@ITtoolbox.com> `Terms of Use:> www.ittoolbox.com/help/termsofuse.htm> -Copyright (c) ITtoolbox and post-author. No> redistribute.> Without changing orders and closing open orders, there is an OSS note that can be applied. The change and display mode is available in the same transactions as for a standard command, ME22N and ME23N. Please read the note 102653.By this correction is verified by the system all purchase proofs without any sign of erasure and error M3368 occurs if at least one item in un deleted is found (and not only when there are stocks)! 2. SE16 ->tisch EKPO. Select all the buttock elements of the associated material.

If you find articles with LOEKZ `L`, you should delete them in ME22. Please note that if you make reservations with POs or a previously created delivery plan, although you have updated the profit centers in the hardware database, FI supporting documents will be updated with the Profit Center against bookings relating to these purchase documents. The transfer balance and those entries or error messages you`ve observed are not related at all. SymptomYou want to change the evaluation class of a material. The system does not allow this change, as pending purchase orders or manufacturing orders that have not been erased are still available for the hardware. If you want to change the type of material in a material and, because of the new type of material, another assessment class must be assigned to the material, the modification is not allowed even if there are pending manufacturing orders or purchse orders. Profit center, although such commands exist, you can make this error M3368. If you really want to avoid the error class or to avoid an error message (MM326), you can change the adjustment settings as described in the 160970 note. There are still open command positions or delivery plans If I make this error message as a warning, it shows some impact……… because a fake profit center is now attributed to our material trunk….

My son is ready to transfer the balances to the right profit center … Close all orders or delivery plans by completing all associated bookings. (such as GR, invoice and payment) Or if a store is needed, simply place the removal identification plate in the order or in the delivery plan to the different stations. Note: If you change the rating class, the system also checks to see if there is no assessed inventory for the material (i.e. the inventory value must be zero). When assessed stocks are available, the system generates an error message. Database indonsorios would occur if you did not and you could not avoid them, no matter what organizational steps you took. If you use Release 4.0, you should also implement note 185800. Source corrections________________________________________________________________________Valid ReleasesSoftware Component Release release of toSAP_APPL SAP 470 application – 470 46C – 46C 46A – 46B 45A – 45B 40B – 40B_