4. The Author Services Contract recognizes that the publisher is a limited publishing service provider, that the author wishes to include the author`s self-publication of the book, and that the publisher is not required to pay for goods and services that have not been expressly and explicitly agreed between the author and the publisher. The parties agree that the publisher will act on behalf of the author in the acquisition and management of printing services for the purpose of making the work; that the publisher acquires and attributes to ISBN, unless otherwise agreed; if the author chooses to print copies of the work under another contract or agreement, if those copies of the work are not allowed to bear the name, logo or ISBN assigned by the publisher. After the conclusion of this agreement and the delivery of all necessary documents by the author, Publisher will publish works in the agreed format and, unless otherwise stated by the author, will provide works for a period of one year for wholesale trade and sale through the Ingram Book Group. At the end of the first year of publication, Publisher then deducts the current catalogue fee from unpaid royalties or issues an invoice to the author. Annual taxes not paid for 90 days lead to the termination of this contract and the withdrawal of the publication work. Publisher strives to properly list Work in the Ingram catalog. The publisher assumes no responsibility for the inability of certain retailers to list, offer or sell work, or the accuracy of retail offers. After publication, Work will be published in RR Bowker`s print books.

The author agrees that the works will be treated in full and in full after presentation as the author`s final manuscript and that subsequent modifications and additions to the author`s office will be made in accordance with the publication conditions chosen by the author in this Agreement. The author reserves the right to hire any third party for all services related to Work, with the exception of printing, attachment and delivery ordered by the publisher. The author assumes the responsibility of ensuring that all works submitted by third parties mandated by the author are in accordance with the specifications of the publisher and that the cost of such work is the sole responsibility of the author. Publisher can and supports contractual pressure, engagement and delivery services with multiple suppliers and has sole discretion in choosing the supplier for the production of Work. The author agrees to pay the publisher for any additional services agreed between the author and the publisher beyond the cost of the publication package. The author acknowledges that work may be delayed until the remaining receivables are fully paid to publishers. Publisher fixes ISBN and barcodes at the back of the factory. For each ISBN publisher assigned by the publisher, Library of Congress Control Number and file will purchase the necessary copies. 1. The copyright of the author recognizes that the publisher does not want to acquire ownership of the work under this contract.