6 For every monthly turnover on your amount, the overuse fee is 1.5%. Additional fees and fees may be charged, including a refund of $30 (per refund), $110 for data recovery and distance, and $500 for non-return fees for all terminals except Emmy, which is $250. The full list of royalties is sent to merchants before the reseller application is approved. 3 Available to eligible clients with a Commonwealth Bank operating account and a linked trading facility for Commonwealth Bank. “Same Day Settlement” includes all ticket sales made before 22:00 (AEST). Daily compensation applies to EFTPOS payments, which are treated as normal credit/debit transactions (for Commonwealth Bank account holders). Fraud increases and can happen to any company that accepts payments. Find out how you and your employees can protect your business from reseller fraud. Terms and conditions that all new merchants will receive when they open a reseller establishment. MasterCard and the MasterCard brand are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. American Express is a brand of American Express. Visa is visa`s registered trademark in the United States. JCB is a registered trademark of JCB International.

Union Pay is a registered trademark of UnionPay International Co., Ltd. . $5 0 device fee applies to the first Lite power supply on the $30, $60, $90, $120, $150 fixed plan only. Data recovery and deletion fees, terminal non-return fees, upgrade fees and eftpos stationery ordering fees may also be incurred.8Adnants additional fees and fees, including $110 data recovery and removal fees, if you cancel your plan, $500 terminal non-return fee if you need to replace a damaged eftpos machine or if you don`t return your machine once you`ve completed your plan and your eftpos stationery order when you order new rolls of eftpos and letter paper for your machine. You can pay an upgrade fee of $149 per eftpos machine if you opt for an upgrade. abroad? Call `61 2 9009 0593. You can also find your local business integration guide Albert PC EFTPOS POS – for pos-providers 2 As long as you stay in the monthly turnover provided, you pay a fixed amount each month for your payment terminal. Ingenico 5110 and 7910 additional terminal terminals Guide to the terminal operator There is no need to guess what your card fee will be at the end of the month. Simple dealer plans start at only $30 per month, without the lockout plan and include AMEX1 at no extra cost. Find the plan that covers your current monthly sales.

$05 for your first device. $29.50 ea for additional devices. 7 The $250 membership fee applies to another Business/Merchant Services/EFTPOS Terminals/Simple Merchant Plan Payment in-store or on-the-go with broadband internet or 4G/3G mobile connectivity options. Accept all contactless cards and payments. Friendly for quick payments. 1 AMEX is only available to eligible customers. The customer must request AMEX at the time of application. A series of videos that will help you get the most out of your Albert terminal. Get help with your EFTPOS machine or e-commerce product. 4 UnionPay is only available to eligible customers. Dinner transactions are available for an additional fee. The least Cost Routing is not enabled for terminals with a simple reseller plan, as the plan already applies a fixed monthly fee for your terminal and included transactions, regardless of network and card type.

Information about CommBank, the services and types of products we can offer you, how we are paid for it and how we handle internal and external complaints. Call 1800 730 554 8 – 9pm, Mo bis And 9am – 3pm Sa (Sydney/Melbourne time) Look at the terms and conditions of business transactions and savings accounts and our financial services guide before making a decision on these products.