This Agreement, together with its Annex and timetable, is the entire agreement of the Parties in this matter. All prior assurances, communications, understandings, commitments and agreements concerning the subject matter are combined and superseded in this Agreement. Depending on the content of a provider`s standard service contract or “brokerage contract”, it may be advisable to check the terms and, if necessary, amend them to clarify the status of the third party. “agreement” means the agreement recorded in this document, including the list and annexes. (e) a reference to a document or agreement, including this Agreement, contains a reference to that document or agreement as revised, amended or replaced from time to time. In the brokerage model, the funded provider is an intermediary and is responsible for understanding what is available, which could meet a person`s needs or preferences, and ensuring that the person has all the information they need to determine if the negotiated agreement is right for them. “ΓΌ Home care for the elderly (funded by the private sector or through a brokerage contract) 8.1 The assistant represents and warrants that he and his staff in the provision of the services: Services: The assistant may provide the services approved by Five Good Friends as part of the registration process. (b) the assistant is responsible for any act and omission of its staff and is responsible for the payment of all sums related to the hiring of its staff, including salaries, leave, relevant insurance (including WorkCover) and, where applicable, superannuation.