“services” means audits of the client carried out by the company using the audit programme; Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all proposals or evaluation checks (the “Services”), provided by one of SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance SA`s associated companies or by one of its representatives (a “Company”) are subject to a person applying for the Services (the “Customer”) and all contracts or other agreements resulting therefrom are subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and set out the entire agreement (which: “contract”) between the customer and the company with respect to the subject. (f) ensure that, during the provision of the services, all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of working conditions, sites and facilities and, in this regard, not rely on the advice of the undertaking, whether necessary or not; (d) The Company may choose to bring an action in each court of competent jurisdiction to recover impure rights. `request for evaluation audits` means the form that defines the size and fees of the services to be performed. In these general conditions, the following terms are as follows: (i) If the company is unable to provide all or part of the services for any reason that is not controlled by the company, including the customer`s failure to comply with any of its obligations referred to in Articles 4 and 5 above, the company is nevertheless entitled to payment of: (b) Except as expressly provided, the Customer may not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Company. (b) ensure that sufficient information, instructions and documents are provided in a timely manner to provide the necessary services; (c) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, either party may terminate the contract at any time for serious breaches by the other party (“injuring party”) of its obligations, at any time, by being at the disposal of the injuring party at least thirty (30) days after the injuring party has not corrected the reported error within thirty thirty days of notification. (b) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer has the right to terminate the contract at any time with a period of at least thirty days in writing to the company. If the Customer terminates the Contract (except due to the Company`s delay in its obligations), the Company has the right to charge the Customer a reasonable fee at the prevailing rates and expenses with respect to the work it performs for the Customer prior to termination….