It is important to have the right arrangements to protect your business, especially when hiring independent contractors. Some self-employed contractors may try to obtain unemployment benefits, state aid or sue your business for labour-related reasons. It`s one thing to post “You`re an independent contractor” or your website, but you have no way to prove that your PSCs have read and recognized this statement. As with any legal agreement, Arise advises you to get advice from a qualified professional to answer specific legal questions. We will not pursue arise SOW agreements unless CSP confirms what was communicated with a “yes” to each question. The boundaries between an employee and an independent contractor are so blurred and very easy to overlap with. If you do, you can put your business at legal risk! If your company is unable to prove that your PSCs are indeed independent contractors and not NAPs. The government prefers your PSCs to be employed because it guarantees the money to the state! The government will do everything in its power to find a mistake in your corporate structure that will allow you to classify your PSCs as employees and file lawsuits, complaints and cases against your business. This agreement is merely a confirmation that the PSC did not rush this Work From Home process, but fully understood the conditions, expectations and freedoms it possesses as an independent contractor. The general legal terms of this master contract allow your company to quickly exploit business opportunities via the Arise platform by filing work returns for different client programs without having to repeat the terms and conditions in force. Flexibility of work, work from home, decent wage per hour taking into account that you save money on wardrobe, gasoline, etc. Confidentiality agreements are contracts where the parties agree not to disclose to third parties the confidential information of the other party or customers (including the client`s customers).

The Master Services Agreement does not go out unless it is terminated by Arise or your company. Custom CSP Arise Independent Contractor Agreements are available on the IBO Hub – CSP! Couldn`t leave the IBO service if desired as IBO wouldn`t respond It`s a well-known problem that some IBo, including us, have struggled to assert that their agents are in fact independent contractors.